Medimade Ubtan Premium Soap  With Turmeric & Saffron 100 gm

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01.Intense moisturization - Turmeric gives you intense moisturization for dull & dry Skin. It helps to reduce irritation and removes dirt, impurities. Its extract works as deep Cleanser, gently Exfoliates and Boost Natural Radiance & Glow. 02.Reverse signs of aging - It has a lot of majestic abstraction which reverse signs of aging & hyper pigmentation. It helps regeneration & sloughs off dead skin. It brings natural moisturized and dewy soft with shinning and elasticity. 03.Delicate & velvety - Saffron inspired by rich extracts and keeps your skin soft, delicate and provides velvety skin tone. It works against the damage caused by the heat of the sun and gives you a speechless feeling with on the chariot of natural beauty. 04.Anti tanning - Its essential extract makes it unique. Works as anti tanning and provides glowing skin, it is beneficial for dull & dry skin. Saffron has the love of pure natural abstract, to give you refreshed with dark spots correction. 05.Radiance & glows- Saffron brings a natural radiance & glows to your skin and calms your mind with its aromatic fragrance bliss. Center of attraction -: 01.Helps to remove dirt & impurities and gives glowing skin. 02.It reverses signs of aging & helps regeneration dead skin cells. 03.Saffron keeps your skin soft, delicate and provides velvety skin tone. 04.It works as anti tanning and brings a natural radiance. 05.It gives you refreshed glowing skin with dark spots correction.

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